Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can a unit design and print its own marketing materials?

A: Yes, however, if independently generated, materials must satisfy the requirements listed in the ASUCD Brand Guide and be approved by Creative Media Marketing in light of these standards.

Q: What if I don’t have a specific event to market, and I just want advice on how to better market my unit as a whole?

Creative Media Marketing welcomes questions from units about how to better market themselves. We provide consultations free of charge for units; just email the Liasion at to set up an appointment.

Q: Who can request services from Creative Media?

At the moment only ASUCD units or pre-approved UC Davis groups or associations can request Creative Media’s services.

Q: How much does Creative Media charge for its’ services? 

While labor is free, printing cost burdens fall on the respective client units and must be paid via recharge to Creative Media.  Recharge forms will be handled by Creative Media Marketing’s Record Keeper. Print costs and material specifications will be discussed in detail with and approved by the client unit before a print request is submitted to Creative Media’s designated printer.

Q: Does Creative Media retain ownership of the artwork that they’ve created?

Copyrights and ownership of any original material, including but not limited to design, copywriting, illustration, or photography, remain with the UC Regents. UC Regents retain ownership of any and all artwork created for the purposes of the contracted project.

Q: I found an error in my project AFTER it was completed and submitted. Who can I contact?

The Client is responsible for the accuracy of all projects. It is the Client’s responsibility to check proofs carefully for accuracy in all respects. Creative Media is not liable for errors and/or omissions. Written verification is required on all projects prior to printing or uploading.

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