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Project Summary

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and the shift to remote learning, the ASUCD Coffee House suddenly had to change its hours, menu items, and ordering process. The Coffee House realized that they needed to cater to a new market, losing the ability to rely on passersby on campus. In order to cater to this new market, the Coffee House launched a partnership with Grubhub Campus Dining to provide delivery services for the first time ever.

Creative Media helped The CoHo promote this new GrubHub partnership and strategized creative methods to reach new markets.


About the Client

The ASUCD Coffee House (also known as the CoHo) provides coffee, lunch, and other foods and beverages to UC Davis students inside the Memorial Union.

Our marketing campaign also consisted of creating an extensive social media presence for the Coffee house. We supplied the Coffee House’s marketing team with content to fill their social media feeds for ten weeks, all throughout Fall Quarter. Our social media campaign boosted the CoHo’s following by 33% on Instagram, from 550 to 745 in just 3 months.

We’re proud of our targeted multimedia approach to helping the CoHo thrive in spite of a closed campus.

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