ASUCD Pantry

Shirts and Jars

Merchandise and Print Design

Project Summary

The Pantry tasked us with creating new t-shirts for both volunteers and staff as well as reusable spice jars to provide spices to students for free to inspire them to expand their cooking skills.


About the Client

The Pantry is an ASUCD unit dedicated to providing free, nutritious foods to students in need.

Initial Designs

In creating the new Pantry t-shirts, we followed The Pantry’s brand guidelines, we used a cursive typeface unified with illustrations of fruits and vegetables with natural curves. Once the client selected a quote, we further developed this freeform and organic style with a circle motif and diagonal movement. We were happy to work with The Pantry, an ASUCD unit that so many students in need rely on, to provide them with both branded spice jars and t-shirts to improve their visibility in the campus community.

Final Designs

The spice jars posed an interesting challenge given the limited print space. However, our Graphics Team created a design that met the client’s requirements while also maintaining a clear visual hierarchy and emphasis.

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