Meet The Team!

Alex Park

Unit Director

Alex not only leads our team but another team as well: he coaches soccer on the side.

Morayah Horovitz

Creative Director

Morayah is a big music lover–she’s attended over thirty concerts.

Jasmine Moldovan

Social Media Manager

Jasmine is adventurous; she loves to cliff-dive and has had three shark encounters.

Camille Baldovino

Social Media Manager

Camille is a talented dancer; she has even performed in an NBA halftime show!

Andy Do

Graphic Director

Andy has a pet shrimp.

Rochelle Dai

Graphic Designer

Rochelle is both active and creative, skateboarding and taking photos in her free time.

Lauren Outhabong

Graphic Designer

Lauren loves baking, especially her favorite, matcha mocha muffins.

Emily Gui

Graphic Designer

Emily has two pet bunnies named Soybean and Sesame!

Judy Yang

Graphic Designer

Judy pours her milk before the cereal (sorry).

Elijah Alba


Elijah is a soccer fanatic with 17 years worth of experience.

Shayan Shahbazi


Shayan moved to Davis all the way from Iran!

Noah Nguyen


Noah loves to travel. He’s going to study thermodynamics in Iceland this summer.

Hritvik Agarwal


Hritvik enjoys gazing at stars and riding horses.

Isabella Chuecos


Is not fun.

Winona Lo

Executive Producer

Winona went to a Bruno Mars concert without knowing who he was.

Faith Arnett

Art Director

Faith has gone on a 70 mile, three-week backpacking trip in the Sierra Nevadas.

Rojean Janzad

Graphic Designer

Rojean has had pet squirrels and loves to bake.

Julian Nguyen


Julien has played the piano for 15 years and loves going to the beach.

Sofia Blinova

Graphic Designer

One of Sofia’s dreams is to visit almost every country in the world and she’ve visited more than 30.