As a committee or commission, how can you request a website?
Though we’re unable to provide you with a fully custom website, we can provide an editable Sitefarm website. We’ll set up your Sitefarm site to adhere to UC Davis brand guidelines and give you access to make edits. Fill out this form to request a Sitefarm site.
How can I start a project with Creative Media?
Fill out the request form on the Contact page!

How can I request video, animation, or photography services?
If your project will require design, marketing, or programming in addition to video production/animation/photography, please fill out the request form on our Contact page. If your project only requires video production/animation/photography, please contact Aggie Studios, our sub-unit for video production and photography.

How much does Creative Media charge for its services?
For ASUCD organizations, our services are free of charge. If you have printing needs, however, your organization there will be a printing charge. However, we do request payment for our services for non-ASUCD organizations.

Print costs and material specifications will be discussed in detail with and approved by the client before a print request is submitted to Creative Media’s designated printer, Reprographics.

Prints can be picked up on campus or delivered to areas on campus. To print with Reprographics, we will need your unit’s account number.

Does a client need to have a specific idea of what marketing materials they need?
No! Our marketing team would be happy to brainstorm with you.

Can a unit design and print its own marketing materials?
Yes, however, if independently generated, materials must satisfy the requirements listed in the ASUCD Brand Guide.

Who can request services from Creative Media?
We mainly work with ASUCD units, committees, and commissions. We also work with external clients or other student organizations on a case-by-case basis.

Does Creative Media retain ownership of the artwork that they’ve created?
Copyrights and ownership of any original material, including but not limited to design, copywriting, illustration, or photography, remain with the UC Regents. UC Regents retain ownership of any and all artwork created for the purposes of the contracted project.

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